Jesse Clegg and Msaki remember the legacy of Johnny Clegg

Jesse Clegg and Msaki remember the legacy of Johnny Clegg

Thursday on Breakfast with Martin Bester we switched things up with a Friday Live performance on a Thursday! 

Msaki and Jesse Clegg
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On December 5th 2022 South African singer, Jesse Clegg and South African composer Msaki joined Breakfast with Martin Bester for Friday Live on a Thursday. 

The duo performed 'Hoping for a Miracle', a new collaboration between Msaki and Clegg showcasing the vocals of the late Johnny Clegg and South African vocalist Msaki. 

Watch their performance here:

‘Hoping for a Miracle’ brings together the voice of the late, legendary Johnny Clegg with multi-award-winning South African vocalist Msaki for a unique collaboration weaving the past into the present. 

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The ‘Hoping for a Miracle’ project was spearheaded and produced by singer-songwriter and son of the late Johnny Clegg, Jesse Clegg. “When I decided to do this, I wanted to do something that was more than just a cover,” says Jesse, “I wanted to reimagine my father's music and breathe new life into these great and timeless songs. ‘Hoping for a Miracle” is a combination of four of my father’s career-defining songs that felt like they could co-exist in the same universe - it was my first time working with my father’s music as a producer and it was a very personal privilege to be able to connect with it in this way,” he adds. 

Stream or download ‘Hoping for a Miracle’ here:

This collaboration is made whole with South African singer and ‘Song Catcher’ Msaki, who recently won the Best Female Artist award at the South African Music Awards, graced the October issue of GLAMOUR magazine (South Africa), and has been blazing a trail for herself as South Africa’s most coveted and chart-topping vocalist and owner of artist collective Alt Blck. 

 “Msaki was my first choice as a collaborator and I’ve always been a fan of her music,” says Jesse, “She approached the project with reverence, excitement, and respect and brought her soulful energy to the project which was a beautiful addition. I’m hugely excited to share something new from my father’s incredible catalogue.”

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 Msaki shares her passion for the music and nostalgia that the track evokes. “When Jesse called to explain his vision, my mind time traveled back to my dad's cream Honda Ballade, where a lot of my music education began. This is where I first heard Salif Keita, Stimela, Kadja Nin, Brenda, and the Big Dudes, Genesis, and of course the one and only, Johnny Clegg. The feeling of hope, nostalgia, and the meeting of worlds has stayed with me and followed me into my own music-making process. I've been so honoured to be part of this re-imagination because Johnny Clegg has a stake in my music foundation. I also just looked up to him as a human being and a seeker of truth. Jesse has managed to bring back to life a dream that I thought was not possible, for me to be on a song with one of my heroes. I can't wait for people to hear this song,” says Msaki. 

‘Hoping for a Miracle, which is sure to ignite a new fire in the hearts of all South Africans, as well as Johnny Clegg’s global fans, is out now on all streaming platforms:

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