Jethro Tait’s Fleetwood Mac Friday Live cover is a winner!

Jethro Tait’s Fleetwood Mac Friday Live cover is a winner!

SAMA-nominated artist Jethro Tait wowed everyone with his exceptional talent. 

Jethro Friday live 21 may
Source: Jacaranda FM

Fleetwood Mac has had an immense impact on the music industry for several decades, inspiring fans and other musicians alike. To pay tribute, many artists have created their own renditions of the band’s greatest hits. Now, singer-songwriter Jethro Tait is adding his voice with an incredible cover of one of the band’s most iconic tracks, 'Dreams'.

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Jethro says, “In my opinion, 'Dreams' is one of the best songs ever written and my cover pays tribute to the song and the band. I have, however, added my own spin and unique energy without taking away from the elements that made the original so memorable.”

Martin Bester loved his cover and invited Jethro Tait to Breakfast with Martin Bester to perform on Friday Live!

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Image credit: Jacaranda FM

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