Kids vs parents: Who has the best taste in music?

Kids vs parents: Who has the best taste in music?

Breakfast with Martin Bester is getting parents and kids to go head-to-head to find out who has the best music taste - and we need your help!

Kelly Clarkson
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Have you ever sat in the car when, all of a sudden, a family argument breaks out about which song to play?

This could be siblings going head-to-head or, more often than not, parents and children bickering about whether to change the current song.

Breakfast with Martin Bester wants to make it easier for everyone by once and for all seeing who has the best music taste - the parent or the child.

To find out, we’ll have some of our listeners (parents and children) going head to head to see whose song will win the listeners' vote. 

How will it work?

Each morning, Martin Bester will ask a parent and one of their children each to submit a song choice they think will outplay the other.

The songs will be played on air and shared online and other listeners will have the chance to vote for the song they think is the best.

Today's contenders are Debbie and her daughter Dehané:

Here are their songs...

Kelly Clarkson 'Since You've Been Gone'

Parent: Nickelback 'How You Remind Me' 

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