Kylie Minogue does a 'shoey' at Brit Awards

Kylie Minogue does a 'shoey' at Brit Awards

Celebrities are just like us…

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Drinking from one's shoe might sound gross (because it is), but many people across the world do this as a form of celebration.

The 'shoey' is a particularly popular pastime in Australia, which sees participants drinking beer out of a shoe, usually as a party piece, a bringer of good fortune or to celebrate.

@jacabreakfast Real men drink out of shoes! @Martin Bester did a #Shoey live on-air 🍻 #JacaBreakfast @Philicity Reeken ♬ original sound - Breakfast with Martin Bester

Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue had social media buzzing when she embraced the tradition after receiving the 'Global Icon' award at the 2024 Brit Awards.

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The singer, who was recognised for her four-decade career in music, did a 'shoey' with presenter Roman Kemp after he asked the singer if she would do a 'shoey' with him.

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"It would be remiss of me to not go with an Aussie tradition of a shoey, so will Kylie Minogue do a shoey with me at the Brits?" Kemp told her.

Minogue removed both her stilettos from which they both chugged some beer.

As always, some social media trolls questioned whether it really happened.

"But it's an empty shoe …" one X user said.

"I'm convinced Kylie faked that shoey," said another.

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"She didn't even do it," added another.

Luckily, some fans supported the singer.

"You can take the girl out of Australia, but you can't take Australia out of the girl."

"@kylieminogue doing a shoey wasn't on my 2024 bingo card," said another.

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