Liesl Laurie makes her debut in South African telenovela 'Legacy'

Liesl Laurie makes her debut in South African telenovela 'Legacy'

Breakfast with Martin Bester’s Liesl Laurie made an appearance in the telenovela and, of course, we watched with excitement! 

Liesl Laurie stars in 'Legacy'
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'Legacy' is a classy, first-of-its-kind South African telenovela set in the fast-lane world of investment billionaires. At heart, it is a story about a family at war with itself.

Liesl Laurie said: "What an exciting time being on a television set! Just having to work with Mary-Anne Barlow who I watched growing up. She was so helpful!"

Mary-Anne Barlow plays Felicity Price, the villain that everybody loves to hate! She is Sebastian’s eldest daughter on the hunt for her crown as CEO of Legacy Investments.  

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Liesl Laurie continues: "I’m so used to live radio and live television and then this is on set."

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