Liesl Laurie shares ‘white wedding’ anniversary pictures

Liesl Laurie shares ‘white wedding’ anniversary pictures

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and Musa Mthombeni's love story is beautiful to witness! 

Liesl Laurie white wedding
Source: Supplied/Liesl Laurie

Liesl Laurie and her husband, Musa Mthombeni, shared their picturesque ‘white wedding’ pictures on social media over the weekend - and we cannot get enough of them!  

Liesl Laurie and Dr Musa Mthombeni had their traditional wedding on Saturday, 21 August 2021, and surprised everyone when they celebrated their one-month anniversary on social media.  

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Liesl looked stunning in an elegant white dress by the Wedding Boutique

Liesl explained on Monday that there were 32 people at her wedding and how and why she chose the beautiful dress she was wearing. 

Do you want to know exactly how the couple met? Listen here.

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Image credit: Supplied/Liesl Laurie 

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