Liesl Laurie's upcoming dance routine gets some Spanish flair

Liesl Laurie's upcoming dance routine gets some Spanish flair

Liesl Laurie and her partner, Ryan Hammond, will be dazzling the dance floor once again this coming Sunday, but what routine will they be wowing us with?

liesl laurie on dancing in blue number

We're already five weeks into 'Dancing with the Stars South Africa', and our very own Liesl Laurie has truly danced her heart out thus far. 

This week, Liesl takes on the Pasodoble - a dance that emulates the movements of a bullfight. The Pasodoble is rooted in Spanish traditions and it's definitely a routine we cannot wait to see the pair perform. 

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As a way to calm some of those nerves, Liesl and Hammond got candid in a round of 'Never Have I Ever' ahead of the dance.

Liesl also shared a boomerang on her Twitter profile and it seems like Ryan is doing all the work...

Popular mental coach, Jannie Putter, who is a well-known sports psychologist, joined Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake to give Liesl some much-needed wisdom ahead of this Sunday's performance. 

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