Lindsay Lohan's live stream of refugees lands her in hot water

Lindsay Lohan's live stream of refugees lands her in hot water

American actress Lindsay Lohan is known for making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Lindsay Lohan Instagram live
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She’s been arrested for everything from drunk driving to shoplifting. 

This time around, she’s facing severe backlash after live streaming a video on Instagram that shows her apparently trying to take children from a homeless Syrian refugee family to a hotel. 

Some who saw the video have questioned whether her actions could be described as an attempted hijacking.

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The video has since been removed from the celebrity’s account. 

However, the dramatic video shows her approaching a family of what she says are Syrian refugees sitting on a pavement. 

She then proceeds to offer them a hotel room, suggesting that the boys could watch movies on a TV or computer.

When they appear to refuse her offer and walk away, she follows them.

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The video has since been posted to YouTube and shows Lohan saying: “Looks what’s happening. They’re trafficking children. I won’t leave until I take you.” 

You’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it:

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