LISTEN: Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson team up for new version of '9 to 5'

LISTEN: Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson team up for new version of '9 to 5'

Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson's new rendition of the iconic '9 to 5' is said to be released on 9 September 2022! 

Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson/Instagram/ Screenshot

American singer Kelly Clarkson announced on Instagram that her long-anticipated duet with Dolly Parton will be released on 9 September 2022.

"I'm so excited to finally announce the new version of "9 to 5" I recorded with the legendary @dollyparton is coming out on September 9th," Clarkson wrote in the Instagram post.

The duet, a new rendition of Parton's iconic song '9 to 5', was originally created for a new documentary, 'Still Working 9 to 5'.

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'Still working 9 to 5' takes a look at the challenges women still face in the workplace today. 

It is inspired by Parton's 1980 film, '9 to 5', in which she played alongside Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as they portrayed three working women who live out their fantasies of getting even with and overthrowing the company's autocratic, "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss.

The beloved singer-songwriter also released her hit song '9 to 5' alongside the film in 1980. 

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With the release of the new documentary, the country music legend has teamed up with Kelly Clarkson to create a new version of '9 to 5'.

A snippet of the song can be heard in the trailer for 'Still Working 9 to 5' and this rendition seems to be a slowed-down version with an entirely different tone. 

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