LISTEN: Little Marno is making considerable improvement

LISTEN: Little Marno is making a considerable improvement

Little Marno Muller is making considerable improvement after a tragic incident left him in a critical condition.

Marno Muller
Supplied/ Helga Muller

Listen to Helga Muller's full interview here:

In late May, five-year-old Marno Muller was found hanging from the strings of his hoodie after playing on a slide at his creche. According to reports, the strings of the hoodie got stuck to the top of the slide. As the little one was sliding down the strings got progressively tighter and finally began suffocating Marno halfway down the slide.

It is not clear how long Marno had been hanging from the slide, but when he was found he was already unresponsive. After the incident, he was immediately rushed to a local hospital and placed in the ICU. The tragedy left Marno in a critical condition.

On Tuesday, Marno’s mom, Helga Muller, confirmed on Breakfast with Martin Bester that her son is doing considerably better.

Marno woke up from his coma on Sunday, 12 June.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, the young boy can be seen talking and identifying different coloured crayons. 

Watch here:

He has also taken his first steps since the tragic incident and although he still has a long route to full recovery, his family remains positive.

"It is going better with him. They are currently in the process of helping him walk," says Helga Muller. "Unfortunately, he is still struggling to speak, and swallow. He is like a baby again.

"There has been a lot of help, but unfortunately I don't think this is enough to cover all the medical bills."

You can show your support by buying a bracelet from Angels Who Care NPC to help with Marno's medical costs. 

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Image Credit: Supplied/ Helga Muller

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