LISTEN: Pretoria boy who took drugs speaks out on Breakfast with Martin Bester

LISTEN: Pretoria boy who took drugs speaks out on Breakfast with Martin Bester

One of the Pretoria school boys has broken his silence exclusively on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Pretoria boy speaks out
Pretoria boy speaks out/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Police have sent an unknown substance for urgent forensic testing after 13 teenagers from Pretoria were hospitalised after smoking it.

A teenager who took “herbal” drugs and landed in hospital says: “My friend bought it the day before.”

The story made headlines after the 14-year-old and three others were hospitalised.

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Speaking on Breakfast with Martin Bester, 14-year-old Marcel de Beer was joined by his mother, Violet.

Marcel took Martin into his confidence about how they ended up taking the drugs and how he had felt afterward. 

"We smoked it because it only lasts for 30 minutes. It isn’t nice at all. You keep falling. You feel hopeless and despondent. You can’t move properly.”

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The pair also spoke about the recovery process - not only for Marcel, but also the family. "Be there for your child. Get to know them. Do not just preach but listen."

Marcel’s mother, Violet, admitted that the most difficult thing for her was to accept responsibility.. "My husband and I had marriage problems and it affected the child."

“The video made me scared, it’s humiliating and it hurts me.”

Listen to the full conversation here: 

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