LISTEN: Sheryl Crow covers popular Post Malone song

LISTEN: Sheryl Crow covers popular Post Malone song

Country singer Sheryl Crow has put a new "fun summer" spin on a popular Post Malone song!

Post Malone and Cheryl Crow
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Country singer Sheryl Crow's newest song is a cover of Post Malone’s 2019 summer single 'Circles'.

The song was released on Tuesday 2 August and fans are already praising the pop singer for her rendition of the famous song. 

“It does my musical heart good to know that Sheryl loves this song enough to cover it this well,” commented one fan. 

Crow headed to Twitter to announce the release of her Post Malone cover. “Hey guys, I have some great news – at least, it’s great to me. I have a new song coming out today,” she said. “And it’s a Post Malone song.”

“We recorded ‘Circles’ and I love it, I think it’s really cool. I’m a big Post Malone fan,” she continued. “Love his songwriting. So we recorded ‘Circles,’ and it’s got a really fun summer vibe. So, I hope you like it! It is out today.”

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