VIDEO: Young girl swings snake around to save pet guinea pig

VIDEO: Young girl swings snake around to save pet guinea pig

Do not mess with a girl and her pets!

Little swings snake around to save pet guinea pig
Instagram/ Screenshot

There is very little some people won’t do for their pets. 

This includes sometimes putting themselves in harm's way to protect their beloved animals.

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A 12-year-old girl from Australia showed just how much she loved her pet guinea pig when she saved it from the jaws of a snake. 

In the video shared on LADbible, the little girl is seen looking for something in what seems to be her backyard, when she suddenly notices something in the bush. 

As she proceeded to take a closer look, the girl noticed that a snake had pierced its fangs into her pet guinea pig. 

Without hesitation, the girl decided to save her pet by grabbing the snake and swinging it round and round in the backyard until it released her pet. 

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Watch here: 

At that moment, an adult male, presumably the little girl's dad, grabbed the snake, chucking it into the distance. 

The type of snake and how dangerous it is is not clear.

Source: LADbible

Watch the full video from from Storyful here:

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Image: YouTube/Screenshot


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