Local law student marries 80-year-old pensioner

Local law student marries 80-year-old pensioner

The couple spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester about Terzel's marriage to Wilson, an 80-year-old pensioner.

Terzel and Wilson
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Terzel Rasmus, 29, from Cape Town, met 80-year-old Wilson Rasmus in 2016 at a local newspaper event and fell madly in love despite the age gap.

The student says Wilson is a 'very attentive' lover.  

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Terzel and Wilson excitedly explained their love story to Breakfast with Martin Bester - and we absolutely love it! 

Where and how does a student meet a pensioner? 

The 29-year-old student said Wilson walked across the dance floor to where she was sitting and asked if he could sit by her. “He noticed I was alone and thought the two of us could share company.”

The law student says the couple had a mutual attraction for one another and began dating immediately. 

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What is the secret to their love story and what are some of the untruths they've heard about their marriage? Listen to the full conversation below! 

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