Local musician loses respect for internationally-acclaimed SA DJ

Local musician loses respect for internationally-acclaimed SA DJ

South Africa’s big star DJ who travels the world has left a bad taste in a local musician’s mouth.

DJ Breakfast

The Kiffness has called out Black Coffee for promoting sexism.

The internationally-acclaimed DJ was travelling on a private plane when he posted an Instagram story in which DJ Euphonik objectifies a female pilot.

In the video, Euphonik can be heard saying: “Guys, let’s compare taxi drivers. How pretty is yours?” A chorus of laughter followed the comment.

The Kiffness messaged Black Coffee upon seeing the video, but claims he has since been blocked on Instagram. The musician says he has lost all respect and admiration for Black Coffee.

Some social media users have applauded The Kiffness, while others have accused him of seeking attention.

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The Kiffness/Facebook
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The Kiffness/Facebook

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