Luxury vehicle hijacked at estate in Midrand

Luxury vehicle hijacked at estate in Midrand

Between 2019 and 2020 hijackings have increased by 20% in South Africa and it is continuing in into the first month of 2021.

Midrand hijacking
Source: Twitter

A white Mercedes Benz A200 was hijacked at the entrance to Summerset Estate, Midrand. 

More than 30,000 hijackings take place in South Africa each year and one of those hijackings was caught on camera in Midrand, Johannesburg. 

Two men, one with a firearm, can be seen stopping the vehicle at the gate of the estate. A few seconds later, the vehicle reverses with the hijackers inside. 

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Specialists Richard and Melinda Rossouw of the National Hijack Prevention Academy [NHPA] provide tips on how to prevent a hijacking.

  1. 2km from your house strategy. Be extra alert. Switch off the car radio and concentrate on your surroundings. If you have noticed any vehicle behind you, use the techniques you have learned during the hijack prevention & survival course to determine whether you are being followed.
  2. Remember to stop your vehicle just on the inside of the gate and select reverse whilst waiting for the gate to close. This creates confusion and may buy you a few seconds for the gate to close completely behind you.
  3. Check your driveway and street before you leave or enter your premises.
  4. Make sure your driveway is well lit and clear from shrubbery where perpetrators can hide.
  5. Be aware of unknown pedestrians close to your residential address – do not turn into your driveway – pass and go back later.
  6. Be aware of vehicles parked close to your address with occupants inside. It might be perpetrators observing the area.

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