Man racks up R93,000 alcohol bill at restaurant

Man racks up R93,000 alcohol bill at restaurant

A woman shared a picture of a R93,000 bill her "guy friend" racked up during the December holidays.

Man racks up R93,000 alcohol bill at restaurant
Facebook/ Screenshot

Is this a new form of money laundering, or were people just living their best lives in December? 

South African Facebook users were left in shock when a woman shared a picture of a R93,050 bill that her "guy friend" racked up at a restaurant over the festive period.

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Temaswati Nqobile Dlamini shared the picture on Facebook with the caption, "This is the bill my 'guy friend' payed for us". 

Facebook/ Screenshot

She also added in the caption that she only drank two glasses of Aces Gold champagne.

Many Facebook users reacted to the picture, with some asking if this was a new form of money laundering. 

Others were just shocked at the amount the man paid for certain bottles of alcohol.

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The most expensive item on the bill was a bottle of Aces Gold, which came in at a staggering R14,300.

Other items on the bill included four bottles of Veuve Rich champagne which cost R14,400, two bottles of Hennessy for R17,200, and ten bottles of Veuve Yellow, which cost R35,000. 

R8,400 of the total amount went to the waiter as a generous tip for the huge bill.

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Image: Facebook/ Screenshot


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