Martin Bester brings opera-singing South African Uber driver to tears

Martin Bester brings opera-singing South African Uber driver to tears

A talented Uber driver made headlines over the weekend for making someone's day with his talent. This morning, Martin Bester returned the favour. 

Uber driver wows passenger with his talent
Kim Davey and Menzi Mngona

Kim Davey experienced Menzi Mngona's opera skills while in his Uber recently. 

Mngona took Davey to a meeting and suddenly started singing to her to prove his talent. 

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Davey was so impressed with his voice that she recorded him and posted it on social media. 

She captioned the post: “My Uber driver this morning in Durban, Menzi Mngoma, a 27-year-old musicology graduate, sang opera to me on the way to my meeting! Made my day! No opportunities for him in South Africa, he has resorted to being an Uber driver to earn a living. What a talented and special human being. Any agents out there who could assist him in making his dreams come true, message me."

When Martin Bester heard this story, he simply had to get Mngona on the show.

Mngona joined Martin Bester and the team on Tuesday morning.

"I started singing when I was in high school," he told Martin Bester.

"My gift is from God," he added. 

He mentioned that his parents are not working and he is not able to provide for them. His big dream is to start a business.

Martin Bester gave Mngona R5,000 to kick-start his dream!

An emotional Mngona had no words to describe his gratitude.


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