Do you remember Martin Bester's holiday horror story?

Do you remember Martin Bester's holiday horror story?

We hope this does not happen during Martin Bester's break this year. 

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Everybody likes to spend time with their friends and family during the holidays and do things they would not usually do when swamped with work. 

However, for most, it is back to work in January and all we can do is reminisce about the good times we had while resting for the new year!

However, some days might not go according to plan and some elements might throw a spanner in the works for some. Martin Bester had a well-deserved holiday but… he got bitten by a horse during his 2019 December break.

"I tried to feed the horse, I was just trying to be nice and he suddenly bit me."

Elma Smit added that the horse probably thought the Martin Bester was a snack!

Even though Martin Bester found the situation scary at the time, we can all laugh about it today!

We hope Martin Bester returns from his holiday with no injuries to report! 

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