Martin & Thabiso: Summer Body Challenge 2018

Martin & Thabiso: Summer Bodies Challenge 2018

Martin Bester and Thabiso Khambule are getting their summer bodies ready with a fitness challenge - powered by USN and Planet Fitness.

Martin & Thabiso

Layering - one of the best things to happen for winter fashion, plus it helps to hide those layers of fat. But, what happens when spring comes around?

USN and Planet Fitness are collaborating with Jacaranda FM to help Martin, from Breakfast with Martin Bester, and Thabiso Khambule, from the Scenic Drive with Rian, to reach their fitness goals and get their summer bodies ready.

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We’re going to show you how with the right assistance, you can shed some fat and sculpt your body. 

To keep up with Martin and Thabiso, and how they are progressing towards their body goals, tune in to Breakfast with Martin Bester and The Scenic Drive every Monday. 

To follow Martin on social media, click here. To follow Thabiso, click here.

Also make sure to keep a close eye on this page to see visual evidence of their journey. Martin & Thabiso's Summer Bodies Challenge 2018 is powered by USN and Planet Fitness.

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