UFC star Dricus du Plessis gives Martin Bester the lowdown

UFC star Dricus du Plessis gives Martin Bester the lowdown

South African MMA fighter Dricus Du Plessis spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester ahead of his UFC Middleweight fight against Israel Adesanya.

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MMA star Dricus Du Plessis left South Africa feeling proud after his victory over Australian Robert Whittaker in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) earlier in July.

Du Plessis won the fight with a technical knockout in the second round.

Now he will get the chance to take on the defending UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. 

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On Monday, the MMA star joined Martin Bester to talk about his victory, as well as his upcoming fight against Adesanya. 

He told Martin Bester that he is trying to break the stigma of MMA fighting and would rather refer to himself as an athlete. 

As a surprise visit, Du Plessis' friend Rikus de Beer, aka Radioraps, also joined the Breakfast with Martin Bester team. 

Du Plessis feels his performance against Whittaker makes him the favourite, and he is confident that he will leave UFC 293 in Sydney as the UFC Middleweight champion.

“I’ll knock him out just like I did tonight,” Du Plessis said when asked for a prediction for the fight at UFC 293.  

Tensions have already risen over the much-anticipated fight of which no dates have been confirmed.

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Adesanya also decided to enter the ring after the South African MMA star’s victory over Whittaker in Las Vegas. 

The defending champion was extremely worked up and swore and repeatedly called Du Plessis the n-word.

He also referred to Du Plessis as his “African brother”, to which the South African fighter replied: “I’m African, but I ain’t no brother of yours, son”. 

This prompted Adesanya to tell Dricus to do a DNA test to find out where he’s “really from”.

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