Most famous pothole in Joburg grows weeds as tall as people

Most famous pothole in Joburg grows weeds as tall as people

This famous pothole in Johannesburg has gone viral on social media.

Most famous pothole in Joburg
X/ Screenshot

You’re driving on a suburban road minding your own business, listening to Jacaranda FM (obviously), when suddenly, you hear a loud thud as half of your car falls into a meter-long ditch in the road.

You realise only one thing could make a sound so severe and it immediately triggers feelings of dread and despair – a pothole.

Deep inside you, as you hold on to your last bit of hope, you keep driving, hoping and praying that your car is fine and you'll make it to your next destination.  

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That is the sad reality of many South Africans daily.

Now you know potholes are a problem in your country when they start going viral on social media.

A Johannesburg pothole has gone viral on social media after numerous users posted the unique sight on the social media platform X.

Unlike other potholes, which are sometimes hard to notice, this one comes with its own warning signal – an entire weed garden growing out of it.

One X user, Gareth van Onselen, posted a picture of the bush with the caption: "One of my favourite JHB potholes. Coming along so nicely."

He later noted that it's also "thoughtful of the city to put a barrier up to protect the plants", referring to the yellow barricading around the pothole.

According to the Daily Maverick, the weeds started growing out of the pothole after city workers attempted to fix a broken water pipe that burst in the middle of the street.

The key word being "attempted", as the water pipe was not successfully restored and continued seeping water.

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Before the workers left, however, they filled the hole in the road with some gravel, placed a yellow plastic road barrier beside it, and left.

Today, the weeds growing out of the gravel-filled hole are "the height of an average NBA basketball player".

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Image: X/ Screenshot


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