Most SA drivers feel unsafe when pulled over by police

Most SA drivers feel unsafe when pulled over by police

An increasing number of South African drivers are unsure if they can trust police when being pulled over!

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Crime is something most South Africans are very familiar with, and apparently mistrust in our police force continues to rise!

A recent survey from Action Society allegedly revealed that more than 90% of drivers in South Africa feel unsafe when being pulled over by police. 

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South Africa has in recent years seen an increase in criminal activity where some criminals use police uniforms as a disguise to commit crimes. This has caused fear in motorists, as they feel unsure if they are actually being pulled over by members of the police.

According to Ian Cameron, director of community safety at Action Society: "The South African Police Service is becoming a trojan horse for criminals looking to neutralise any form of trust that citizens might have left in the country’s criminal justice system."

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Furthermore, the survey suggested that 50% of drivers indicated that they had been asked or demanded to pay bribes. 

“At a time when bogus police and criminal cops terrorise innocent citizens more than ever, these statistics emphasise the dire need for police reform in South Africa.”

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