‘My moegheid is weg!’ - Carel had the best holiday

‘My moegheid is weg!’ - Carel had the best holiday

Breakfast with Martin Bester and Forever Resorts surprised Carel with the best holiday!

Ek mis moeg Carel Breakfast
Carel enjoying his December holiday/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Carel Pelser had a rough 2018 and it made him incredibly tired.

End-of-year fatigue crept up on us and getting regular sleep is a privilege, and counting down the days to a break is exciting!

Carel posted a video of him seated in his vehicle, explaining how tired he was. The video went viral and everybody seems to have felt the same way!

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Breakfast with Martin Bester got hold of him and gave him the surprise of a lifetime. Thank you to Forever Resorts South Africa and Martin Bester who started off his family holiday on a high!

Carel posted another video, explaining how grateful he was for the break!

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