Ozzie the dog eats over R3,000 in bank notes

Ozzie the dog eats over R3,000 in bank notes

Nine-year-old Ozzie is known for eating different kinds of things... but not money!

Dog Ozzi eats bank notes

Owners Judith and Neil Wright were shocked when they realised that their dog, Ozzie, had eaten £160 (R3,000) in bank notes.

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The Wrights returned home from a shopping trip to find the torn up bank notes scattered all over the kitchen. Ozzie found the money in an envelope at the letterbox. 

After realising that Ozzie had eaten the money, they immediately took him to the vet to empty his stomach.

Martin Bester and the team weighed in on the conversation. According to Martin Bester, his dog Ripley also eats different kinds of things, including money. 

Does your dog sometimes eat things other than food? Let us know below.

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