People are apparently not washing their legs in the shower

People are apparently not washing their legs in the shower

Do you wash your legs when you bath or shower?

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You would assume that everybody you know takes a shower or bath at least once a day (hopefully), but you might be surprised to hear that not everyone washes each part of their body.

There is a whole movement of people who do not wash their legs in the shower.

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The debate first started in 2019 when Conor Arpwel posted a since-deleted poll on Twitter with a simple yes or no question: "Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?"

The poll garnered mixed responses, with some people being shocked at the idea of not washing your legs, while others were too confused about why someone would bother washing them.

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People who choose not to wash their legs in the shower argue that soap from their upper body runs down their legs, cleaning them.

Even pop icon Taylor Swift has admitted to not shaving her legs as she believes shaving them counts as washing them.

According to a Men’s Health report, Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says: "Unless your legs are visibly soiled, you don’t need to wash them directly with a cleanser."

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"Over-washing or over-scrubbing the legs, just like with any other part of the body, can strip the skin of essential oils, and lead to skin-barrier disruption and inflammation." However, he says a gentle lather and rinse isn't likely to do harm.

But, there have been mixed responses from dermatologists on whether you should wash your legs, so just to be safe, you might want to lather up those legs.

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