Most ridiculous red flags in relationships

Most ridiculous red flags in relationships

Martin Bester opened the floor to listeners for another spicy confession session where they shared their most ridiculous red flags in relationships. 

Date red flags

After a man ghosted her after the first date, ‘Allison’ from Oklahoma City in the US shared her story on iHeartRadio’s ‘Second Date Update’. 

‘Allison’ reached out to the show hosts to help her find out why the man she went on a date with ghosted her. 

The hosts contacted ‘Will’ to explain why he didn’t follow up with Allison after what she felt was a good first date. 

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He started off by saying: “Allison is super pretty and a great communicator, and that’s all… usually that’s enough for me, if a woman has that, then yeah I'll be down to go on more dates as long as there’s not any more red flags.”

People were shocked when ‘Will’ shared why he didn’t want to go on a second date.

“She wants a salad, but she wants no lettuce in the salad… she’s pretty, but she ain't lettuce on a salad pretty,” he explained. 

‘Allison’ and the show's hosts were equally shocked by this ridiculous red flag.

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Following this story, Martin Bester opened the floor to listeners to share their most ridiculous relationship red flags.

Listen to these red flags shared by the Breakfast with Martin Bester listeners:

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