Petrol attendants reveal which cars have the worst drivers in SA

Petrol attendants reveal which cars have the worst drivers in SA

Apparently, GTI drivers are the "best cheaters" and if you really want to save on fuel, buy an Uno.

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Forget all those expensive cars; a Fiat Uno is really where it's at if you want to save on fuel. 

Well, that’s the opinion of one local petrol attendant after being asked which car he would buy. 

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In these uncertain economic times, everyone is looking to save money, especially after another recent spike in fuel prices

And who better to give us advice on fuel consumption than Mzansi's trusty petrol attendants

The Boys South Africa, an Instagram page devoted to doing heartwarming and hilarious interviews with South Africans, recently asked petrol attendants about the most expensive cars to fill up in our country. 

The petrol attendants were more than eager to answer the questions, with one saying that Land Cruisers are the most expensive and the other saying it is, in fact, a Mustang.

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When the second petrol is asked whether he would ever buy a Mustang, he quickly answers no.

"Never, man. I'd rather buy a Uno. It's like a bicycle," he said. 

Watch here: 

The interviewer also asked the attendants to share the worst drivers in South Africa.

"GTI drivers. They always come with a girlfriend. Best cheaters," answered one of the men. 

"Obviously, it's the taxi drivers," said another.

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