Philicity Reeken’s fashion faves of 2023

Philicity Reeken’s fashion faves of 2023

Jacaranda FM presenter Philicity Reeken shared the top fashion trends of 2023!

Philicity Reeken
Jacaranda FM

Whether you like fashion or not, 2023 truly was a new dawn for the fashion world. 

One could argue that people were as eager as ever to dress well again, and this included an amalgamation of unique styles. 

Fashion creator Kendall Rayburn told Glamour Magazine in 2022 that "people are getting more comfortable with pushing the boundaries".

"Fashion is only getting more creative in terms of self-expression." 

This could not have been more true for 2023.

So, to celebrate the boundary-pushing, unique styles of 2023, Breakfast with Martin Bester traffic presenter Philicity Reeken gave her top fashion trends and items of 2023.

Here is Philicity’s fashion faves of 2023: 

The MSCHF and Crocs’ Yellow Boot Colab
Gym Body Suits
Short Gym Body Suit
Who What Wear/ Screenshot
Long Gym Body Suit
Who What Wear/ Screenshot
Sheer Dresses
Maxi Skirts
Y2K fashion (Return of fashion from the 2000s)

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