This plate design gets young kids to eat more veggies

This plate design gets young kids to eat more veggies

Segmented plates with pictures of vegetables in each ‘compartment’ makes it easier for children to eat their vegetables.

Child Breakfast

If you have children, you would know that it is sometimes a tough task to get young ones to eat healthily.

Children require healthy foods to help them grow, but the struggle is real to get them to actually eat said foods.

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In a bid to ensure kids get the nutrients they require to live a healthy, happy life, this clever plate has been created.

Children tend to respond well to visuals, so the plate makes use of that and creates a multi-sensory delight for meal times.

Here is the plate that is set to save parents many a fight going forward:

Veggies Breakfast
MyPlate Divided Kids Plate/

Martin Bester asked Liesl Laurie if she ate all her vegetables when she was younger. Here's what she had to say:

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Do you struggle to get your kids to eat proper food? Do you think this new plate will help? Let us know below.

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