R56,000 damage after dogs tear apart car

R56,000 damage after dogs tear apart car

How exactly do you explain this to your insurance?

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Many people love their animals like their own children, but just like children, they can sometimes drive you to the edge.

Dogs are often known for destroying toys or other small things around the house. In more severe cases, they are even known to destroy the odd couch, but destroying a car is on a whole new level.

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Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to one woman in Florida (USA, not West Rand).

CCTV footage caught the moment when two grey dogs tore her car apart while looking for a cat they were chasing.

Watch here:

The feline proceeded to climb into the car's engine to hide, but the dogs would not give up.

They started to take the car apart piece by piece.

According to The New York Post, Christie Barr woke up to an estimated $3,000, about R56,000 worth of damages.

"I thought somebody had maybe taken a BB gun and shot my car," the Jacksonville woman said.

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After the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and investigators searched through CCTV footage, they found the culprit.

The footage shows the dogs ripping off sheets of metal at 3am to get around the wheel and reach the cat.

"If they can do that to metal on a car, they'd tear a human being up," Barr worried.

If you were wondering, the cat successfully escaped the wrath of the dogs and walked away unharmed.

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