Real-life hero tells all after saving shot cyclist

Real-life hero tells all after saving shot cyclist

Jon-Jon saved a 51-year-old male who was shot several times in an apparent attempted robbery while cycling.

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He saved the cyclist near the Letamo Estate in the Kromdraai area.

Jon-Jon Pietersen is telling his story on Breakfast with Martin Bester this morning.

Jon-Jon was driving in the Cradle of Humankind area looking for new hiking spots with his friend, Alex. The GPS navigated Jon-Jon to take a different route but he insisted he stayed on the route he knew.

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By doing that, Jon-Jon came across a man on the side of the road. What sounded like a whisper, the shot cyclist called out “help me”.

A message from the cyclist's daughter took Jon-Jon by complete surprise.

Martin Bester caught up with Jon-Jon a week later to find out how he is doing.

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He is glad he had the training and grateful for his family who is always there in a crisis.

Jon-Jon said instinct took over immediately and all he wanted to do was to save the cyclist’s life.

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