Remembering Johnny Clegg: Jesse brings his dad to tears

Remembering Johnny Clegg: Jesse brings his dad to tears

As we remember the music legend Johnny Clegg, we cannot forget the day Jesse Clegg surprised his dad with Martin Bester.

Johnny Clegg surprise

Johnny Clegg leaves deep footprints in the hearts of every South African following his passing on Tuesday.

His legacy will live on forever in this country.

As we remember the 'White Zulu', we cannot help but go back to the day when the music legend was left overwhelmed with emotions. Martin Bester surprised him with a message from his son, Jesse.

It immediately turned into a tearjerker for Johnny and Martin Bester.

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Martin Bester contacted Jesse, who was performing in New York at the time, and he secretly recorded one of his father’s famous songs, ‘Great Heart’.

Johnny immediately recognised his son and happily said, "Dis my seun!"

Listen to Breakfast with Martin Bester's tribute this morning:

Johnny is survived by his wife of 31 years, Jenny, and their two sons, Jesse and Jaron.

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