The requirements for this 'house manager' position has South Africa outraged

The requirements for this 'house manager' position has South Africa outraged

A Pretoria family's 'house manager' advertisement left social media users in a frenzy after seeing the "outrageous" requirements. 

Cleaning service supplies / iStock
Cleaning service supplies / iStock

The DuPlessis family became the topic of discussion on Twitter after a job advertisement for a "house manager" revealed what some are calling "outrageous" requirements.

The listing states that the family is looking for a “house manager, au pair, tutor, and personal assistant” and reveals a long list of other responsibilities including "baking rusks".

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Here is a full list of responsibilities: 

  • Prepare breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Drive the kids to and from school and to extracurricular activities
  • Take the kids to the doctor
  • Work out a holiday programme
  • Tutor the 10-year-old with his homework and studying
  • Do grocery shopping on Monday and Friday
  • Ensure that the house is neat and in order
  • Manage and oversee the staff that work at the house
  • Ensure the cupboards are neat
  • Run errands such as renewing licences, paying for electricity
  • Take the Jack Russel to the vet once a month, bath him once a week, take him on a walk once a day
  • Ensure the admin is up to date
  • Bake rusks
  • Always act professionally
  • Ensure that the car is neat and clean and that it is washed once a week
  • Drive the staff to the mall in the afternoons
  • Assist with any other ad-hoc tasks

The family is offering a salary of R22,000 for the position, but it is the long list of responsibilities that caught the attention of Twitter users. 

Some Twitter users agreed that the salary was appealing, but the long list of responsibilities outweighed the salary. 

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“They want a mother, PA, chef, tutor, manager, pet sitter, babysitter, driver, and event organiser for R22 000. Ain’t no way this money is worth it,” said one Twitter user. 

Another added: “Love how they just threw in ‘bake rusks’ likes it’s a normal thing”

Would be willing to take this job?

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