A reward for local gardener who helped a sick dog

A reward for local gardener who helped a sick dog

A local gardener helped a sick dog - and Breakfast with Martin Bester rewarded the Good Samaritan for his good heart. 

Gardener Helping Sick Dog

A local gardener, Andrew, was on his way home on his bicycle when he saw a dog lying in the veld who really looked like she needed help. 

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Andrew, being an animal lover, saw that she needed help and waited with her until help arrived.

The dog was given food and water before being loaded on a bakkie to receive help. Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre tried to save her life, but it was too late the save her. 

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The dog was riddled with cancer. 

Even though the dog could not be saved, Andrew is still a hero to us. 

He took action and tried to help her. His actions allowed her to be put to sleep, peacefully, instead of dying on her own in the cold veld. 

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Breakfast with Martin Bester rewarded Andrew with R5,000 in Angel Rands. 

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