Concerns over burning car in Johannesburg

Sanitiser NOT to blame for burning car in Johannesburg

A video was posted on social media over the weekend about a luxury car on fire.

Burning car

Breakfast with Martin Bester received news that a car caught fire over the weekend after sanitiser ignited inside.

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However, the owner of the car cleared up the story for us, saying that the fire was not caused by the sanitiser.

The owner said: "Hi all, I don’t usually post about my cars but I see there’s a video making the social media rounds about my X5. People have been posting that a hand sanitiser caused a fire to break out (not factual). That’s irresponsible and will cause unnecessary panic. The insurance company is investigating and until they advise, I don’t know what caused the fire."

He ended his Facebook entry by saying that, thankfully, no one was injured.

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