"She is so perfect for me": This couple has a 47-year age gap

"She is so perfect for me": This couple has a 47-year age gap

Kathi and Devaughn have been together for a year and are on their way to getting married!

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Kathi Jenkins, 74, and Devaughn Aubrey, 27, met each other on an adult hookup site, Adult Friend Finder (AFF). 

According to Women24, the relationship quickly turned into more than sex after they got to know each other. The couple is now engaged and set to get married next year. 

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“She is so perfect for me and she is very experienced in life and teaches me a lot. We never fight, can always talk without yelling and I trust her completely,” says Devaughn.

Kathi, who is retired, has four children, thirteen grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson.

She has never been married, although she has had other long-term relationships. Devaughn does not have any children of his own but has been married before. 

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Reportedly, Kathi's family was quite shocked by Devaughn as she usually goes for tall white men. Devaughn's family, however, is supportive for the most part. 

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