Shots fired as jewellery store robbers caught in the act

Shots fired as jewellery store robbers caught in the act

A jewellery store was robbed and someone caught it on camera, resulting in the footage going viral. 

Robbery in durban 29 April
Source: @Abramjee Twitter

An unknown number of suspects robbed the jewellery store in the Pavilion Shopping Mall in Durban. Footage of the robbery was released on Twitter. In the video taken in what looks like a salon, one can see a few men in the mall. At least 15 shots can be heard in the 50-second video. Three men can be seen walking in the mall. One man had a firearm in his hand and the men behind him were dragging a big bag. 

Being in a situation like that is terrifying and the fact remains that no matter how safe we think we are, there are still thieves and criminals around when we least expect it. 

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Blue Security advises on what to do during a robbery: 

1. Staying calm is keeping you safe.

2. Cooperation is key. Do not pose yourself as a threat. 

3. Don’t fight back. If you try to fight them off this is adding to the fire.

4. Do not look at the robbers for long periods of time. They will know that you are trying to remember details about their clothing and characteristics. Instead, take quick glances as often as you can and because you are staying calm, it will be easier to remember the details.

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Image credit: Yusuf Abramjee Twitter


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