South Africans brew homemade beer and this is what it tastes like

South Africans brew homemade beer and this is what it tastes like

The government has banned the sale of alcohol during the national lockdown, so South Africans have turned to brewing their own beer.

Pineapple beer

Pineapple sales have risen from 10,000 on the first day of lockdown to a staggering 90,000 on 27 April.  

South Africans have resorted to brewing their own beer during the national lockdown. Some with great success! 

Have you been brewing your own beer and was it successful?  

"In order to make good beer you need sugar and pineapple skins has a lot of sugar in it," sports presenter Elma Smit says.

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A few Breakfast with Martin Bester listeners tried recipes and according to them, they were successful.

We will have to trust their judgment!

Clive told Martin Bester: "It is easy. I made apple cider and pineapple beer. You need to know what you are doing. I was successful on the first try." 

Breakfast with Martin Bester's Facebook page was flooded with recipes and listeners admitting they have tried making pineapple beer. 

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Disclaimer: Alcohol should not be consumed by children under the age of 18.  

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