South Africans want the GOAT of chocolate back

South Africans want the GOAT of chocolate back

What is your favourite chocolate? 

LOCAL: Are you a "Chocolate Log" fan? Did you sign the petition to bring it back?

One year ago, we reported that the much-loved chocolate, Chocolate Log, would be taken off shelves.

The Chocolate Log was a creamy marshmallow with crisp wafer covered in milk chocolate. Sadly, Nestlé confirmed that the beloved chocolate would be discontinued.

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This follows Tab, Lay’s salt-and-vinegar, and a few other products. 

However, is there hope? 

An anonymous petition was created to try and bring back the chocolate.

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The petition states: “We need them back. Why take the best chocolate off the shelf ?!?! Why should we be deprived of such glory ?!?!”

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