South Africa’s ‘Penguin Town’ receives three Daytime Emmy Awards

South Africa’s ‘Penguin Town’ receives three Daytime Emmy Awards

The Netflix series 'Penguin Town', which was filmed and produced in South Africa, has received three Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Penguin Town
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The eight-part series, ‘Penguin Town’, was released on Netflix in June 2021.

The series follows a group of penguins as they make their homes in the gardens of Simon's Town, Western Cape.

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‘Penguin Town’ was nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards and was able to pick up three wins for “Outstanding Travel, Adventure and Nature Series”, “Outstanding Cinematography”, and “Outstanding Sound Mixing and Sound Editing”.

South African filmmaker and ‘Penguin Town’ producer Cayley Christos was there to accept the awards. Christos has more than 10 years of experience in filming wildlife content. She is also the owner of the production company, Red Rock Films, which produced ‘Penguin Town’. 

Dale Hancock, a Pietermaritzburg-born wildlife filmmaker, also worked on 'Penguin Town' as the series' cinematographer. 

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Other nominations included “Outstanding Music Direction and Composition”, “Outstanding Single-Camera Editing”, and “Outstanding Sound Mixing and Sound Editing”.

‘Penguin Town’ is now available for streaming on Netflix.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here is a little sneak peek:

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