Sports stadiums now allow your dog to join you

Sports stadiums now allow your dog to join you

Have you ever wanted to take your pet to a sports event but could not?

Dogs in stadium
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Well, there is now an event especially for you and your furry friend! 

The baseball fraternity, the Seattle Mariners are an American team and their home games are played in the SoDo neighbourhood of Seattle. 

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The team just won everyone’s hearts when they introduced “Bark at the Park”. The team shared all the details on their website saying, “This special offer requires the purchase of one human ticket and one dog ticket.”

They have assured dog owners that no fireworks will be used on the Bark at the Park night.

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What will a night watched baseball with your dog cost? It will roughly amount to 370. 

During the game, the stadium has a ‘Simba Cam” and people can hold their dogs in the air to be shown on the bis stadium screen. 

During the game, the stadium has a "Simba Cam" and people hold up their dogs Lion King style for a chance to be shown on the jumbotron.

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