Stage 15 load shedding a possibility - Eskom CEO André de Ruyter

Stage 15 load shedding a possibility - Eskom CEO André de Ruyter

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter said that Eskom's current operational models show it could have to implement stage 15 load shedding, but he is unsure of what that looks like.  

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter will take the hot seat in a one-on-one with Basson.
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In a presentation during the Africa Renewables Investment Summit in Cape Town Eskom CEO André de Ruyter warned of possible stage 15 load shedding. 

De Ruyter confirmed that South Africa would have to start rapidly investing in renewable energy and "relax" its air quality standards to prevent stage 15 load shedding.

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“Stage 15 load shedding. I don’t want to know what that looks like,” de Ruyter said; however, it would lead to thousands of job losses. 

According to My Broadband, the Eskom CEO said that the electricity utility's coal stations do not "meet minimum emissions standards". 

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De Ruyter continued that in order to solve the current electricity crisis, Eskom would need R300 billion to "retrofit" them with equipment to clean their emissions or Eskom would have to be decommissioned.

Watch here to see how load shedding is impacting businesses in South Africa:

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