Strange housing estate rules revealed

Strange housing estate rules revealed

Do you live in a complex and have to abide by strange rules? Let Martin Bester know!


Housing estates and complexes usually implement a number of rules to regulate everything from speed limits to noise levels. 

Martin Bester says in his complex you can get a speeding fine of up to R10,000!

Gerda de Sousa admitted that her husband drove in a family’s complex and received a fine for driving 40km/h in a 30km/h zone. 

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A listener told Martin Bester that he knows of an estate where the dogs aren’t allowed to bark after 22:00, but Tinus Smit's estate takes the cake:

Breakfast reply 1
Breakfats reply two

According to BusinessTech, there are a few reasons why people live in housing estates or complexes: 

1. Safety and security

2. Activities such as golf and gym

3. Parks and a safe area for children

However, do the rules sometimes outweigh these pros? Let Martin Bester know below.

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