Sundays might be the worst day of the week!

Sundays might be the worst day of the week!

Sundays are often filled with anxiety over the coming week. Here are a few ways you can ward off the "Sunday scaries". 

What do you do when you can't sleep?
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Sundays have become synonymous with feelings of anxiety and dread for many people. Research has also shown that Sundays are the unhappiest day of the week

There are many reasons for what people call the "Sunday scaries". The main reason for the "Sunday scaries" is the anticipation and anxiety over the coming day, Monday. 

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How you spend your weekend can also play a big role in feelings of anxiety and doubt over the coming week. Spending too much time in front of a computer, alcohol and drug use, and social overload over the weekend can all lead to negative feelings. 

According to CNN, there are a few ways you can prevent the "Sunday scaries":

1. Finish all your tasks

This means trying to finish any tasks, especially work-related tasks, before the weekend starts instead of leaving it for Monday morning. Knowing that you have unfinished tasks might increase feelings of anxiety. 

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2. Positive anticipation

The biggest reason for the "Sunday scaries" is dreading the following week. According to CNN, it is a good idea to have events planned for the coming week that you can look forward to.

3. Write it down

Writing down your feelings has long been associated with reducing anxiety and other negative emotions. Writing down your feelings about the coming week can help you identify why you are feeling anxious, which can ultimately help you address these feelings. 

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This strategy can be used throughout the day at different times. It is also a great strategy to use throughout the week to identify different negative emotions. 

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