Survey reveals South African men's favourite drink!

Survey reveals South African men's favourite drink!

What are SA men's drinks of choice when unwinding after a long day?

Survey reveals South African men's favourite drink!

There are a few drinks that are synonymous with South Africa.

Amarula, Black Label, Oros and of course, Rooibos tea.

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Many locals will tell you they enjoy a cup of tea but we don't make a fuss about it quite like the British do.

That might change given the findings of a new study done during Men's Health Month.

According to TimesLive, the South African Rooibos Council commissioned a survey that included over 700 respondents and it looked into the tea drinking habits of men.

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The study gave some insight into the beverage choices of men in different professions, settings and age groups.

One main takeaway was the relation between tea drinking and views about healthier lifestyles.

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Some of the more surprising findings were:

  • 46% of men start their day with a cup of coffee and 30% choose Rooibos.
  • 9% of men chose water to start their day, 4% chose black tea and 2% chose other herbal infusions (chamomile, chai, etc.).
  • Rooibos and beer were tied at 47% for the preferred drinks in social settings.
  • Rooibos was the drink of choice to end the day with 32% choosing the beverage.
  • 19% chose beer at the end of the day and 12% chose coffee.
  • 67% of men prioritise drinking water during exercise but Rooibos was the second popular choice.

What really caught researchers' attention was the tie between beer and Rooibos. Men said they consider taste, occasion, setting and health considerations when choosing a beverage in a social setting.

For hot beverages, it was another close call with 45% of men preferring coffee and 42% Rooibos, and 42% drinking at least one cup of tea a day.

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And if you were thinking that tea is an "older person" drink then think again.

  • The Silent Generation (ages 79-96) are the most frequent Rooibos drinkers at 67%.
  • Millennials (ages 28 to 43) are second at 48%.
  • Baby Boomers (ages 60-78) are 44%.
  • Gen X (ages 44-59) are 35%.
  • Gen Z (ages 18-27) came in fifth at 30%.

If you want to learn more about this incredible, proudly South African drink, watch the video below:

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