Taxi drivers reveal how much they make in a day

Taxi drivers reveal how much they make in a day

It might be time to quit your 9-5…

Taxi Drivers
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A recent TikTok video shows interviewers from the TikTok account @theboyssouthafrica asking a group of men what they do for a living and how much they earn.

@theboyssouthafrica How much do taxis earn? 🇿🇦😂 #southafrica #capetown #taxi #car #sa #nationalshutdown #mzansi #comedy ♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW - STURDYYOUNGIN

After they answered their job, the interviewers were shocked by their earnings when one answered “R2000 – R2500 in one day”.

During the interview, the interviewer jokes that they are going to “mug” the man after hearing how much he earns.

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Two other men also replied to the question saying, 

“One trip is R370.” and “On a Friday, the most I make on a day was 2000.” 

They ended the video by asking a taxi passenger: “what’s,like, the best thing about taxi drivers?”.

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To which the passenger replied, “When you are in a hurry. Late for work. Hai, the best.”

The video blew up across South Africa and has managed to garner more than 1 million views.

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