Three important changes to WhatsApp

Three important changes to WhatsApp

WhatsApp have announced that there will be more changes coming to the app soon. Let's just hope it doesn't go down again...

WhatsApp's new proposed feature to convert voice notes to text

WhatsApp is expected to receive a range of new tools and improved functionality. Here are some of the changes:  

'View once' feature

It was reported more than a year ago that WhatsApp will be implementing ‘disappearing messages’ to be known as the ‘view once’ feature.  

Users will be able to send an expiring image, video, or GIF using this functionality and once it is sent, it will disappear from the recipient’s phone once they leave the chat.  

This feature is yet to be launched.

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'Add Participant' to calls 

This new feature is active in some parts of the world already. Have you ever lost track of time and missed the meeting on WhatsApp call? You can now join a group call after it has started.  

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Chat Transfer  

You can now move your chat history from an Apple device to an Android device. This is making life a lot easier for someone who is considering upgrading their cellphone.  

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