'Traffic cop' slaps man in a Bentley in South Africa

'Traffic cop' slaps man in a Bentley in South Africa

We’ve never seen anything like this! 

Traffic cop in North West
Source: Twitter

A video went viral over the weekend of a ‘traffic cop’ in an altercation with a Bentley driver.  
The altercation was widely shared on social media and South Africans could not believe what they saw.  

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A man was driving and a woman was sitting in the passenger seat when they were pulled over. She recorded the incident. There’s still very little information about how the altercation started. 
The matter was escalated as the Media Liaison of the Department of Transport, Esethu Hasane, has since released a statement on Twitter.  
Hasane said, "The Road Traffic Management Corporation has noted with concern a video circulating on social media in which a man wearing what looks like a traffic officer’s uniform is seen viciously assaulting a motorist."

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The department goes on to say, “This is nothing but an act of pure criminality and thuggery. Such behaviour is completely unacceptable and deserves the strongest censure.” 
Citizens are advised to contact the department should they have any information. 
WARNING: The video contains strong language.  

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Image credit: Twitter screenshot (@Nomsa_Maseko)

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