UCT vice-chancellor offers to pay for the studies of "math genius"

UCT vice-chancellor offers to pay for the studies of "math genius"

University of Cape Town (UCT) vice-chancellor, Mamokgethi Phakeng, wants a 14-year-old "math genius" to join the university. 

Sibahle Zwane, math genius
Twitter/ Screenshot

Videos of young Sibahle Zwane have gone viral after he solved tough arithmetic problems, declaring him a "math genius". 

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University of Cape Town (UCT) vice-chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng reacted to these videos claiming that he wants to pay for the 14-year-old's studies. 

This comes after a mathematics lecturer from the university also reacted to the boy's amazing math-solving skills. This is not the first time that videos of Zwane have made their rounds in South Africa. 

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BBC News also previously reported on Zwane, naming him "the human calculator". Many South Africans have come together in support of the young boy, offering scholarships and pledging money for his studies. 

Here is the latest video shared of Sibahle Zwane:

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Image Credit: Twitter/ Screenshot


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